Who We Are


The Tha Plug family consists of the two founders, as well as multiple freelancers. The founders live in Zurich, Switzerland, and would often collaborate on projects together even though they had full-time jobs in the finance and consulting sectors. The founders are passionate about trap and money rap music and they unfortunately (or fortunately!) could never find clothing that expressed the energy, creativity, and mindset of the music they loved, so they decided to create their own brand. We dedicate our passion to creating that kind of trap clothing that wouldn’t exist at that time. This is how Tha Plug was born!

It started off as a side project while the founders were working at their regular jobs. Tha Plug took off, and the financial consultant and the technology consultant quit their jobs to start working full-time for Tha Plug.


In the beginning of 2013, when the founders created Tha Plug, they were excited about the idea of having an exclusive trap clothing brand specializing in headwear. They began to receive great feedback, and soon they realized how big the brand could be even while remaining focused on their niche. Headwear reflects your mindset, and that’s the reason the Tha Plug brand is restricted to premium snapbacks.