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We are not easy to impress but this was crazy… this was the man who had produced so many classics and there was a time where we listened to almost nothing but his projects – and now we were sitting in the same studio exchanging numbers, but even more crazy is that this was just the beginning…..

Our first steps into the Atlanta music scene started when we met Waka Flocka and TheRealDJAce in Zurich, Switzerland. After we built the brand Tha Plug we partnered up with Ace, who was also the former manager of Gucci Mane and member of 1017 Bricksquad…. You might remember him for the noisy interview where Gucci Mane and Waka bet the reporter they couldn’t drink a whole bottle of Jack Daniels and the poor reporter ended up in hospital (it’s the same interview where Gucci said his famous “Don’t get lost in the sauce maine” quote). You can also spot DJ Ace in one of Gucci’s first interviews where he talks about the Jeezy Beef and in a lot more music videos. Ever since we were introduced to many more artists like Offset of the Migos, Meek Mill, Birdman, Young Greatness, Jim Jones and the legendary producer Drumma Boy, just to mention a few. And guess what - some of them are big fans of the brand Tha Plug today!


Offest of the Migos

Young Greatness

Jim Jones

But it’s not about who we meet nor being in the spotlight. Nope, we are entrepreneurs by passion! Our goal was to establish the brand Tha Plug that was inspired by the Hip Hop/Hustler culture of Atlanta.

The real Hip Hop brands like Fubu are gone. Remember when everybody wanted to have Fubu? Today there is no real urban brand in the market – the main clothing lines are for a weird mixture of hipsters, skaters and Kermit the Frog (lol, sometimes I don’t know what the %*&# they are wearing). So most rappers today have stopped wearing urbanwear and started rocking luxury designer clothes. Who can blame them – but what about us, the “normal” population? Some of us break our backs to look like we got tons of money while others simply buy fake designer clothes from Abdu (these damn stereotypes – but it’s true though) in the corner store.

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Drummy Boy x Tha Pug Part 1

Tha Plug Mini The Documentation

It doesn’t have to be like that! And it hasn’t been!

In fact, Tha Plug brings the best of both worlds together!

You get offered the exclusivity of a designer brand

The collection is only available for a couple of months before it’s replaced with new designs

Stars and real street legends rocking Tha Plug in the same manner

BUT the big difference is we offer a price that everybody can pay… 

Ok, it’s not cheap, but who wants cheap?!

If you’re looking for the cheapest deal, Tha Plug is not for you! 

But if you’re looking for high quality and a unique style (and don’t want to look like Kermit) – Tha Plug is the perfect fit for you!

In addition you get the same effect as with designers

Why? Because all of these celebrities already rocking Tha Plug

Don’t forget they could buy anything…but they decided to buy Tha Plug Headwear

This was actually one of the turning points for us as a brand  

Tha Plug gives what is demanded right now - a brand that represents the Hip Hop culture like Fubu did back in the 90s.

We reconnected Hip Hop with fashion!

But before you get started with your hat collection, let me ask you a question….

Would you like to have a designer gym bag?

For less than nothing… because we’re really GIVING you this bag for free

Just pay the shipping costs

So secure your bag and we’ll follow up with you to introduce you to our headwear.

P.S. The person in the studio was the multi-platinum producer Drumma Boy.

Drummy Boy x Tha Pug Part 2

FBG Casino & 550 x Tha Plug

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