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You can’t turn around without seeing something referring to Tha Plug in Atlanta, the Mecca of hip-hop. The hometown of 2 Chainz, Future, Young Thug and Gucci Mane fell in love with the new trap and Go Getta related headwear brand from Switzerland.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the streets or experiencing the nightlife, Tha Plug is everywhere – the hottest clubs, the best studios, and in the trap itself. From producer legend  Drumma Boy, to hip-hop’s most influential DJ Crew Coalition DJs and artists like Mojo and Nephewtexasboy Tha Plug Headwear took over.

The hats come with an incomparable design, which includes the actual statement on the front of the hat and the color setup. It just hits the spot! The wordplay reflects the actual lingo of the streets and the heavy influenced music industry by southern artists. This makes people instantly connect and become fans of the brand. Adding the high-quality manufacturing makes the products simply irresistible!

Now, how the hell does this all come from Switzerland? Well, let’s start by saying the Afro-European culture is heavily influenced by black American music. With Atlanta leading the field, no wonder the founders felt a solid connection to the city and their lingo, which happened to result in the hat company. Meeting Waka Flocka and connecting with his long-term friend and DJ TherealDjAce on their European tour path was their way of entering the Atlanta market.

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